100% BLUE AGAVE Agave plant. Agave leaf. Our unique tequila is created from the Blue Tequilana Weber <i>Agave</i> plants grown in the Highlands of Mexico. Only the rich, red soils of the Highlands of Mexico can produce such sweet, succulent <i>pi&#241;as</i>. They are nurtured by sun, water, soil and a <i>jimador</i> (or harvester, for those of you who are unilingual). Each plant is looked after for 8 to 12 years in order to produce the sweetest <i>agave</i>. And <i>cogollos</i> are removed to prevent bitterness. When fully ripened, the harvester proudly bids farewell to his <i>agave</i> and sends it off to become premium tequila.
HANDCRAFTED Photograph of agave hearts in large cylinder. Aged Koa. Using a <i>coa</i>, which of course you know is a razor sharp harvesting tool, harvesters cut the <i>agave</i> by hand and remove their hearts. But not their souls. The hearts then go through a rigorous five-step process. First they are sliced, then steamed for 10 to 12 hours. Next they are heated, grinded and diffused. Finally, the hearts end up in the hands of the master blender for one last inspection. Although this may sound painful, rest assured that no <i>agave</i> is harmed during this process. In fact, they enter it willingly.
FERMENTED TO MOZART Musical notes. Violin. The robust, full-flavored tequila is the result of an all-natural, seven-day fermentation process. So, our tequila makers knew it was important to create the best possible environment for the yeast to spend its time. They decided music would play an important role. After ruling out heavy metal, 80's hair bands and punk rock, they realized the relaxing sounds of Mozart were perfect. From that day on, CAZADORES® would be slowly fermented to Symphony No. 40. Gracias, Amadeus.
DOUBLE DISTILLED Photograph of large metal vats. Two distilling vats. After a lengthy Mozart performance, the tequila makes its way to the distillation process. Over the next 24 hours, it is double distilled and overseen by 73 artisans. This is very important, as it ensures the most refined product possible is created. The master distiller then creates CAZADORES® tequila's unique character by isolating floral and light spice notes and combines them with the distinct flavors of citrus and vanilla. Once purified, all that's left is a tequila perfectly balanced in aroma and flavor. Breathe in and enjoy the sweet smell of perfection.
AGED IN WHITE OAK CASKS Barrel with Cazadores label. Leaf. Photograph of barrels stacked high. Americans sure know how to grow a darn fine tree. A special variety of American white oak is used to construct the small casks in which CAZADORES® is aged. This unique wood helps give our tequila its distinctive body, rich bouquet, amber color and smooth flavor. And even though the casks are good for seven years, CAZADORES® only uses them for four to ensure consistent quality. Besides, after helping make such a premium tequila, the casks deserve an early retirement.
TAMPER PROOF CAP Photograph of Cazadores bottle cap. Cazadores bottle cap. To complete the CAZADORES® circle of perfection, the tequila is bottled and sealed with a tamper proof cap. This prevents an empty bottle from being refilled with any CAZADORES® wannabes. (That used to happen, and it wasn't cool.) A security seal is applied to verify the bottle has not been opened and the contents are untouched. This guarantees that you'll always be getting the smooth, rich flavor of CAZADORES®. Finally it is adorned with a very unique and memorable label: The One With The Deer On It.
CAZADORES CRT Photograph of Cazadores bottle label. Bottle of Cazadores Reposado Tequila. The "governing body" for tequila is known as "The Tequila Regulatory Council." Or, for our Spanish-speaking amigos: the "Consejo Regulador de Tequila" ("CRT"). CRT is comprised of producers, growers, bottlers, distributors, and representatives from the Mexican government. The goal of this organization is to protect the Appellation of Origin of Tequila, to inform consumers and foreign trade markets about the revered Mexican spirit, and to dispel common tequila myths. The CRT also regulates tequila production through the development and implementation of quality controls, making tequila one of the most highly-regulated of all distilled spirits. Take that, Champagne, Cognac and Scotch. In fact, you might say they're almost as picky about premium tequila as we are.